What is the Sync Folder?

In addition to the cloud backup service, Zip Cloud also offers a basic file syncing service. If you have several devices on your Zip Cloud account, the sync folder is an easy place to put files which you use and edit on more than one of these devices.

Any file you put in the Sync Folder on one computer appears in the Sync Folder on all your other devices linked to your account.

Clicking the Sync Folder icon on the Zip Cloud application launches the Sync Folder in its own window. This window acts very much like a regular folder, you can drag and drop files or folders onto it and they become synced with all your other devices.

When you open a file that is present in the Sync Folder it is downloaded to your Downloads folder and therefore actually opened from this location, therefore if you make any changes to it, and save it, the save applies to the copy in the Downloads folder. To now re-sync this file, simply drag it back onto the Sync Folder and it will overwrite the copy in there.

Right-clicking on a synced file enables saving it somewhere locally on the computer of your choice, rename the file or delete it completely. Clicking share will redirect you to your Zip Cloud account online to the sharing panel.

The Sync Folder saves carrying around flash drives from computer to computer and therefore makes working on your files easy on whatever device you are using.