Backing up network drives

Backing up files from a network location is achievable with Zip Cloud. There is an add-on for this ability that you can purchase from your Control Panel on the web app. If you have files located on a network that you wish to backup the process is slightly different to regular file selection.

On Mac the network drives you have access to appear in the manual selection window.

On Windows the process involves a bit more clicking:

  1. First click on Settings > Selection > Custom Selection > Edit selection...
  2. This will bring up a new window displaying a file tree of the drives and folders on your computer.
  3. To back up files from a Network path click on the Add network share button in the bottom left of the window.
  4. Then a new pop up requires you to enter:
    • The network path (i.e. the path where the files are on your network)
    • Your network Username
    • Your network Password
  5. Upon entering this and clicking OK your network path will appear on the main manual selection window.

If this process is unclear it may be best to consult your network administrator for more help.

Network Drive Backup is 99.95 per year, however, without the add-on, you can still drag and drop files onto the app from a network location and they will be backed up.