Backing up external hard drives

Any USB drive under 16GB can be backed up with no extra charge. However, to back up an external hard drive that is over 16GB in automatic, scheduled backups you will need our external drive add-on service which can be purchased from within your control panel.

  • External drive up to 500GB: 39.95 per year
  • External drive over 500GB: 79.95 per year

On Windows, the external hard drive will show up on the file selection window with the mapped drive letter name of that drive.

On a Mac simply open the application and click on Settings, under the tab Backup Selection Select Manual Backup Selection and select your files manually - within the folder titled Volumes you can view and select files on your USB storage device.

External hard drives need to be connected to your device throughout the backup process.

Any file can be dragged and dropped from any size external hard drive onto the app and be backed up. The add-ons mentioned above are only needed to backup external hard drives in automated, scheduled backups.